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Sending students abroad

When sending students abroad for research, a course, a conference, or other opportunity, careful planning can help ensure they have a safe and productive learning experience.

Key steps to take

Traveling with students

Trip leaders have special responsibilities when traveling with students:

  • Faculty and staff traveling with students on group trips should register their trip as part of the program registration process. Contact Todd Holmes for more information on program registration.
  • Trip leaders should not leave a location if students are still present.
  • Review the brief introductory video available below for more tips and resources.
  • MISTI also periodically hosts information sessions for trip leaders. Here is a recent presentation.

MISTI can help

Many MIT students travel abroad as a part of the MISTI program, which creates experiential learning opportunities abroad for undergraduate and graduate students. They have expertise and experience in supporting students going abroad and can help and advise you whether you are planning a program or small departmental or lab trip.

For country specific information and advice, please be in touch with one of MISTI’s country program managers. For general advice, you can review a brief presentation on sending students abroad (PDF) and/or take a course on general health and safety through Canvas. Contact for more information.

MISTI also created the following safety video to help trip leaders prepare for travel. The guidance applies to and can help other MIT travelers as well.

Need more help?

Todd Holmes

Todd Holmes

International Safety & Security Program Manager