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When traveling abroad for MIT, it’s important to understand how to pay for your expenses, what costs are reasonable, and how to report your expenses after you return.

How do I make purchases while traveling?

Departments, Laboratories, and Centers (DLCs) may have specific policies/procedures governing the use of MIT Travel Cards and/or use of per diem expense. Please check with your individual DLC.

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or equivalents. Not only is it a safety risk, you may be required to declare large sums to the Customs of the country. Noncompliance may result in confiscation.

To obtain more information about a specific country’s declaration requirements, contact its embassy in the U.S. or review the International Air Transport Association (IATA) website for a general summary of customs and tax information.

Review our Payments & procurement abroad page for more information on how to make purchases in other countries.

More about per diems

  • Before departure, decide whether you will be using the MIT Travel Card while away or claiming per diem expenses upon your return.
  • Per diem expenses may include lodging and/or meals and incidentals. If submitting per diem expenses, the MIT Travel Card should not be used during the trip; it can be used prior for airfare or conference registration fees.
  • For foreign per diem rates check the U.S. Department of State website.

Currency conversion

  • Calculator for conversion of most world currencies.

Post-trip expense reporting

Submit expense reports via Concur, the MIT online expense reporting tool, within 30 days of trip completion.


MIT Travel Support

MIT Travel Support