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Initiating a sponsored international agreement

Here’s a quick summary of resources and guidance for navigating the MIT international support landscape to successfully initiate a sponsored international project.




  • All proposals for sponsored international activities must be routed through Kuali Coeus (KC) to RAS before submission to a potential sponsor, in accordance with current standard MIT procedures.
  • For engagements in China (including Hong Kong), Russia, and Saudi Arabia, you will need to understand and follow the elevated risk review process, which helps identify and manage risks, as well as ensure successful and compliant collaborations with international sponsors.


  • A negotiation team that includes the Department, Lab, Center, and Institute (DLCI) and appropriate central administrative resources, e.g. OSATT, RAS, or OGC, will work with PIs to draft and negotiate an agreement with the external collaborator/sponsor. The negotiation team will work directly with the sponsor’s business and legal staff to facilitate the process, which is expected to be iterative, generate new information, and potentially entail project revisions.