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Guides to foreign cultures

Whether you’re traveling abroad, starting an international research project, or hosting a foreign collaborator, enhancing your cultural awareness can help you improve your communication and better your understanding of the norms and customs of other countries.

MIT is inherently international, both in the global work of its faculty, students, and staff as well as in the composition of its diverse community. To help you learn more about your colleagues and collaborators here at MIT and all over the world, MIT partners with GlobeSmart, an online resource that contains culture guides for 101 countries (MIT credentials required).

GlobeSmart’s culture guides can help you work effectively across cultures by providing you with in-depth, country-specific information and guidance on topics such as:

  • General background (core values, history, politics, language, travel, etc.).
  • Business practices and tips.
  • Communications and relationship building.
  • Customs and protocols.

GlobeSmart also provides tools and learning modules on workstyles and improving teamwork across cultures.

Please contact Tammy Greenwood to schedule a virtual demonstration of GlobeSmart led by an experienced GlobeSmart Engagement Manager for your group.


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Tammy Greenwood

Tammy Greenwood

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