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High-risk travel destinations

Per the MIT international travel risk policy, MIT-related travel to high-risk destinations is not permitted for undergraduate or graduate students.


Below is a list of destinations currently considered to be high-risk. Any MIT student wishing to travel to these locations must apply for a waiver. All other MIT travelers to these locations are encouraged to learn more about the associated risks so that they may make informed travel decisions. Contact International Safety and Security Program Manager Todd Holmes with any questions.

Afghanistan (12/18/2023)

Entire Country.

Algeria (07/13/2023)

  • Areas near the eastern and southern borders (Avoid travel to rural areas within 50 km (31 miles) of the border with Tunisia and within 250 km (155 miles) of the borders with Libya, Niger, Mali, and Mauritania);
  • Areas in the Sahara Desert desert (overland travel to the Sahara Desert).

Armenia (04/09/2024)

  • The border region with Azerbaijan;
  • Gegharkunik region east of Vardenis;
  • Syunik region east of Goris and south of Kapan;
  • Tavush region eastward of Varagavan on the H37 roadway and eastward of Navur on the H36 roadway;
  • Travel through Yeraskh village in Ararat region is allowed, stopping is not.

Azerbaijan (11/02/2023)

  • The border region with Armenia;
  • The Nagorno-Karabakh region and surrounding territories.

Bangladesh (10/12/2023)

  • Southeast Bangladesh, including the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Belarus (07/26/2023)

Entire country.

See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Belize (11/13/2023)

  • Belize City  

Benin (05/24/2024)

The northern regions of Benin, including:

  • The cities of Kandi and Tanguieta;
  • North from Kandi and Tanguieta to the Niger / Burkina Faso border;
  • Pendjari and W National Parks, Zones Cynegetique De La Pendjari, De Latakora, and De Djona, and the adjacent hunting zones
  • RNIE 7 between Banikora and Segbana;
  • RN10 between Nikki and Segbana.

Bolivia (06/06/2024)

  • Chapare Region;

Brazil (10/19/2023)

  • Informal housing developments (commonly referred to in Brazil as favelas, vilas, comunidades, and/or conglomerados);
  • Brasilia’s administrative regions (commonly known as “satellite cities”) of Ceilandia, Santa Maria, Sao Sebastiao, and Paranoa;
  • 150 kms / 100 miles from the land borders with the following countries:
    • Venezuela
    • Colombia
    • Peru
    • Bolivia
    • Guyana
    • Suriname
    • French Guiana
    • Paraguay (NB: This does not apply to the Foz do Iguacu National Park or Pantanal National Park.)

Burkina Faso (07/31/2023)

Entire country.

Burundi (07/31/2023)

Entire country.

Cameroon (07/31/2023)

  • North, Far North,
  • Northwest and Southwest Regions, and
  • Parts of East and Adamawa Regions.

Central African Repubic (07/31/2023)

Entire country.

Chad (07/31/2023)

Entire country.

China (People’s Republic of) (04/12/2023)

Entire country, including

  • Macau, S.A.R.
See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Colombia (01/02/2024)

Entire country.

Congo (Democratic Republic of/DRC) (07/09/2024)

Entire country.

Côte d’Ivoire (04/08/2024)

  • Northern and Northeastern border region.

Cuba (01/05/2024)

Entire country except Havana.

See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Ecuador (04/15/2024)

  • Guayaquil, north and south of Portete de Tarquí Avenue;
  • The canton of Duran, in the province of Guayas
  • The provinces of
    • El Oro,
    • Los Rios,
    • Esmereldas,
    • Sucumbíos,
    • Manabí,
    • Santa Elena, and
    • Santo Domingo.

Egypt (07/13/2023)

Entire country.

El Salvador (07/13/2023)

Entire country.

Eritrea (07/31/2023)

  • All areas outside of the city of Asmara.

Ethiopia (07/13/2023)

Entire country.

Georgia (01/26/2023)

  • The Russian-occupied Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Ghana (11/20/2023)

  • The Northern and Northwestern borders.

Guatemala (07/17/2023)

Entire country.

Guinea (12/26/2024)

Entire country.

Guinea-Bissau (07/31/2023)

Entire country.

Guyana (07/17/2023)

Entire country.

Haiti (07/27/2023)

Entire country.

Honduras (07/17/2023)

Entire country.

India (06/23/2023)

  • The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir (except the eastern Ladakh region and its capital, Leh);
  • Within 10 km of the India-Pakistan border;
  • Northeastern States
    • Assam,
    • Arunachal Pradesh,
    • Mizoram,
    • Nagaland,
    • Meghalaya,
    • Tripura,
    • and Manipur.
  • Central and East India – all areas outside the capital cities in these states;
    • Maharashtra,
    • Telangana,
    • West Bengal,
    • Chhattisgarh, and
    • Jharkhand.
See VPF website for reporting requirements for work performed by MIT employees in India.

Indonesia (07/24/2023)

  • The provinces of Central Papua (Papua Tengah) and
  • Highland Papua (Papua Pegunungan).

Iran (07/15/2024)

Entire country.

See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Iraq (10/22/2023)

Entire country.

Israel (06/27/2024)

Entire country.

Jamaica (01/23/2024)

Entire country.

Jordan (07/13/2023)

  • Ma'an City and some areas of the Ma'an Governorate;
  • Within 3.5 kilometers of the Jordanian border with Syria and east of the town of the Ruwayshid in the direction of the border with Iraq;
  • Designated Syrian refugee camps in Jordan due to Government Restrictions on entry into these camps;
  • City of Ayn Basha's neighborhoods of Zarqa, Rusaufah, and Baqa'a.

Kenya (07/23/2023)

  • Nairobi neighborhoods of Eastleigh and Kibera;
  • Certain areas of Laikipia Country: Nyahururu, Laikipia West, and Laikipia North Sub-counties;
  • Kenya-Somaila border areas of Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa;
  • Coastal areas of Tana Rive County, Lamu County, and areas of Kilifi County north of Malindi;
  • Turkana County - the road north from Kainuk to Lodwar.

Kosovo (07/26/2023)

  • North Mitrovica,
  • Leposavic,
  • Zubin Potok, and
  • Zvecan.

Kuwait (07/13/2023)

  • Desert region north of the Mutla’a Ridge and near the border with Iraq.

Kyrgyzstan (The Kyrgyz Republic) (06/23/2023)

  • The border region with Tajikistan.

Laos (06/24/2023)

  • Xaisomboun Province

Lebanon (01/29/2024)

Entire country.

Libya (07/13/2023)

Entire country.

Madagascar (07/31/2023)

  • The area in and around the city of Tsaratanana in the Betsiboka Region;
  • The area along the unnamed road connecting the city of Tsiroanomandidy in the Bongolava Region with the coastal city of Maintirano in the Melaky Region; and
  • The area in and around the city of Betroka in the Anosy Region.

Malaysia (07/24/2023)

  • Eastern Sabah region

Mali (07/31/2023)

Entire country.

Mauritania (07/31/2023)

Entire country.

Mexico (08/22/2023)

Entire states or parts thereof:

Entire States:

  • Baja California state,
  • Chihuahua state,
  • Colima state,
  • Durango state,
  • Guanajuato state,
  • Guerrero state,
  • Jalisco state,
  • Michoacan,
  • Sinaloa state,
  • Sonora state,
  • Tamaulipas state,
  • Zacatecas state.


Parts of these states:

  • Coahuila State, the municipalities of:
    • Allende,
    • Ciudad Acuña,
    • Guerrero,
    • Hidalgo
    • Jimenez,
    • Morelos,
    • Nava,
    • Piedras Negras,
    • Villa Union,
    • Zaragoza.
  • Oaxaca State:
    • Isthmus region: the area of Oaxaca bounded by Federal Highway 185D to the west, Federal Highway 190 to the north, and the Oaxaca-Chiapas border to the east.  This includes the cities of Juchitan de Zaragoza, Salina Cruz, and San Blas Atempa.
    • Federal Highway 200 northwest of Pinotepa: travelers may not use Federal Highway 200 between Pinotepa and the Oaxaca-Guerrero border.

Moldova (03/14/2024)

  • Breakaway Transnistria region

Mozambique (07/31/2023)

  • Pemba, the provincial capital of Cabo Delgado;
  • Certain districts in Cabo Delgado Province, the districts of
    • Ancuabe,
    • Chuire,
    • Ibo,
    • Macomia,
    • Meluco,
    • Metuge,
    • Mocimboa da Praia,
    • Mueda,
    • Muidumbe,
    • Nangade,
    • Palma, and
    • Quissanga.

Myanmar (Burma) (06/06/2024)

Entire country.

Nicaragua (01/11/2024)

Entire country.

Niger (01/08/2024)

Entire country.

Nigeria (01/20/2023)

Entire country.

North Korea (07/24/2023)

Entire country.

See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Oman (07/13/2023)

  • The Yemen border area.

Pakistan (06/23/2023)

Entire country.

Palestinian Territories (01/03/2024)

  • Gaza Territory
  • West Bank

Panama (07/17/2023)

  • Parts of the "Mosquito Gulf"
    • The “Mosquito Gulf”;
    • Within 10 miles of the coastline, from Boca de Rio, Chiriqui to Cocle del Norte.
  • Parts of the Darién Region:
    • All areas south of Jaque to Manene to Yaviza to Lajas Blancas cities to the Colombian border;
    • The city of Lajas Blancas;
    • The city of El Salto.

Papua New Guinea (01/17/2024)

Entire country.

Peru (11/15/2023)

  • The Colombian-Peruvian border area in the Loreto Region;
  • The Valley of the Apurímac, Ene, and Mantaro Rivers (VRAEM), including areas within the Departments of Ayacucho, Cusco, Huancavelica, and Junin.

Philippines (10/05/2022)

  • Mindanao Island;
  • The Sulu Sea Archipelago including the southern Sulu Sea.

Russian Federation (06/27/2024)

Entire country.

See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Rwanda (03/29/2024)

  • Rwanda-Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Border – Level 3: Reconsider Travel Armed groups operate in DRC’s North and South Kivu provinces and Virunga Park which is adjacent to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. The area has experienced escalating levels of armed conflict which could spill across poorly marked borders. Permits are required from the Rwanda Development Board prior to entry to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Saudi Arabia (01/24/2024)

Entire country.

See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Somalia (07/31/2023)

Entire country.

South Sudan (07/31/2023)

Entire country.

Sudan (04/22/2023)

Entire country.

Syria (07/10/2024)

Entire country.

See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Tajikistan (11/27/2023)

  • Within five miles of Tajikistan's border with Afghanistan
  • Gorno-Badakhshon Autonomous Oblast

Tanzania (07/31/2023)

  • Mtwara Region in southern Tanzania.

Thailand (07/24/2023)

The areas (provinces) of:

  • Yala,
  • Pattani,
  • Narathiwat, and
  • Songkhla

Togo (07/31/2023)

  • Northern border region.

Trinidad and Tobago (07/02/2024)

Entire country.

Tunisia (07/13/2023)

  • Areas within 30 km of southeastern Tunisia along the border with Libya.
  • Mountainous areas in the country’s west, including the Chaambi Mountain National Park area.
  • The desert south of Remada due to the military zone.
  • Jendouba south of Ain Drahem and west of RN15, El Kef, and Kasserine, next to the Algerian border.
  • Sidi Bou Zid in central Tunisia.

Turkey (07/26/2023)

  • Sirnak Province,
  • Hakkari Province, and
  • Any area within six miles (ten kilometers) of the Syrian border.

Uganda (12/28/2023)

Entire country.

Ukraine (05/22/2023)

Entire country.

See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Venezuela (07/13/2023)

Entire country.

See VPR Compliance Website for further restrictions and guidance.

Yemen (07/10/2024)

Entire country.