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Values & principles

Here are some key questions for both MIT and collaborators to ensure that both parties’ overall ethics and project goals align.

What do you know of the sponsor organization’s values and ethics?

Do they have a history and track record with working with MIT and if so, are they viewed positively? Conversely, is the organization on any of the lists compiled by the U.S. government that prohibit or limit business relationships with them?

Will this project be consistent with MIT’s shared values and principles?

  • Will the project support freedom of expression, communication, and publication?
  • Will the project promote honesty and integrity, and what pressures will there be, if any, for results to support a particular outcome?
  • Will the project promote MIT’s commitment to excellence and advance our preeminence as a world-class research and education institution?
  • Will the project allow inclusion of all relevant collaborators in the MIT community and promote fairness in the treatment of all individuals and groups?
  • Will the project help attract and engage people uniquely qualified to do this kind of work?

What would make this project a success in your eyes?

Are you and the sponsor aligned in this vision?

Conversely, have you considered what might be the worst-case scenario for this project?

  • What might cause it to fail?
  • Do you have an appropriate assessment and correction plan in place, such as annual internal reviews?
  • Is there an appropriate and defined exit strategy for the project?